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Character Education

Quail Run uses a variety of character education tools to support our students, staff, and parents in building a supportive and inclusive campus community where students work collaboratively and resolve conflicts as they may arise. Through weekly class meetings, students are able to address issues and talk through solutions and strategies. In addition, teachers implement character education lessons, to model appropriate behavior, role-play, and talk through real-life scenarios. Students also participate in regular lessons from the programs of Zones of Regulation and Sanford Harmony.  
Our school celebrates different character traits each month with discussions in the classrooms and a monthly read aloud book.  The book is read each month by either our principal, assistant principal or classroom teacher.  Teachers nominate a student of the month for each character trait.  We will announce the student of the months in the lunch room and our school wide assemblies each month.
See below for our Monthly character traits and read aloud books.  If you have questions or want to opt your student out of one of the monthly read aloud books, please e-mail Mrs. Abdelrahman at
Quail Run Character Trait Books of the Month 23-24
Character Trait
Book Title & Link
Youtube Link
Confidence Steph Curry
Patience Rajani LaRocca video
Self Control Buckle Up Stephanie Scott
Generosity David Unger video
Problem Solving William Kamkwamba
Kindness Emily Pearson
Acceptance Reem Faruqi
Courage Rachel Katstaller
Joan Schettler