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Character Education

Quail Run uses a variety of character education tools to support our students, staff, and parents in building a supportive and inclusive campus community where students work collaboratively and resolve conflicts as they may arise. Through weekly class meetings, students are able to address issues and talk through solutions and strategies. In addition, teachers implement character education lessons, including Second Step, to model appropriate behavior, role-play, and talk through real-life scenarios. Students also participate in regular Soul Shoppe assemblies, grade level visits, and classroom visits. The videos below discuss how students and staff are trained to address conflicts and work towards a meaningful resolution.
Causes of Conflict
The Soul Shoppe Balloon- The Balloon refers to the feelings that people carry with them. When we feel overwhelmed, stressed, or upset, these feelings can effect how we treat others. This video is a teacher training video, but clearly defines how identifying feelings can help students avoid conflicts.
Conflict Resolution:
The iMessage- Pointing fingers and blaming others only makes people defensive. The iMessage is a tool that students can use to communicate how they are feeling in a respectful manner.
Clean Up Message- Saying I am sorry often isn’t effective. This is a 5 step process that students and staff are trained to use to apologize.
Soul Shoppe comes to Quail Run each month to support students in their attainment of social responsible behavior through:
  • Powerful skills that promote safety & responsibility  
  •   Engaging activities that build community & trust
  • Practical tools that foster academic success
  • On-going motivation to strive for personal excellence