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Physical Education




Happy November, Quails! Check out the November Activity Calendar!

It is the month of gratitude and this past weekend, I felt sad. I lost my father this summer and my heart was heavy. I sat with my sadness, but then did a gratitude meditation. I have so many things to be grateful for including all the years I shared with my dad and coming to our school every day and moving and learning with kids. I love my job! Soon, my heavy heart was full. My dad was a huge part of my athletic, sporting and movement life. I encourage you to spend some time this month moving together as a family in our Quail community. Have you ever hiked in the hills that surround us? 

November’s muscles are deltoids (shoulder muscles) and pectorals (chest muscles). What workout can you do as a family to strengthen those muscles? What can you do to stretch them?

I am grateful for all of you! 
Coach Halonen


Quail Run Elementary School Physical Education Program
The aim of our P.E. program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. This will be accomplished through California's Physical Education Content Standards which focus on a program that promotes physical, mental, emotional and social well being of every individual in the pursuit of lifelong health.
Student Attire & Equipment:
In an effort to provide the best opportunity for student learning and success, parents need to make sure their children dress properly for P.E. First through fifth grade Quail Run students will have P.E. classes weekly. On their P.E. days students should have:
  • Tennis shoes with velcro or laces tied and socks - NO skateboarder shoes, boots or sandals.
  • Comfortable clothes - if dresses are worn, please be sure shorts are worn underneath.
  • Plastic Water Bottle with child's name - this is important because the water fountains are not located near the activity area.
Student Injury/Illness
Students need to bring a note from a parent/guardian if they are unable to participate. This note is only valid for two P.E. classes. If more time is needed to heal, a doctor is required to fill out this form. It is our belief that while an injury/illness may prevent a child from doing all activities during P.E. class, there are many activities in which they can still participate. Bring a book to read if unable to participate!  All notes to the PE teacher should include ...                                        
  • Child's name and date and teacher
  • Specific injury or illness
  • Specific activities child is not allowed to participate in
  • Parent signature and phone number


Playground Lost & Found items can be claimed by Wing C. 
      Thank you


Erin Halonen PE Specialist
Kiahna Brehmer PE Asst


I am so excited to be at Quail Run for 2022-23! It's my 21st year teaching (8th in PE)! I love teaching physical education, dancing, spending time with my pets, hiking, and playing! 



Based on the California Physical Education State Standards
 I.  Student demonstrates the motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.
Focus:  > movement concepts, body management, locomotor movement, manipulative skills,  rhythmic skills <
 II.  Student demonstrates knowledge of movement concepts, principles, and strategies that apply to the learning and performance of physical activities.    
Focus:  > movement concepts, body management, locomotor movement, manipulative  skills,  rhythmic skills <
III.   Student demonstrates knowledge of physical fitness concepts, principles, and  strategies to improve health and performance.                                                                                                    Focus:  fitness concepts, aerobic capacity, muscular strength/endurance, flexibility,  body composition <
IV.   Student demonstrate and utilize knowledge of psychological and sociological concepts, principles, and strategies that apply to the learning and performance of physical activity.    
Focus:   > self responsibility, social interaction, group dynamics <
     Physical Education 
Participates actively in Physical Education (Attitude/Effort/Focus/ Preparedness)  
Demonstrates Sportsmanship  (Empathy/Team Player)  
      ~ ~ ~        
Academic Performance Key :
3  =  Achieving Standards: Student consistently demonstrates grade-level expectations for concepts and skills.
2  =  Nearly meets or making Progress: Student is making progress towards basic understanding of grade-level concepts and skills with assistance.
1  =  Not yet Making Sufficient Progress: Student shows an emerging awareness of concepts and skills.                                                                                                                                  


Our 5th grade students are required to participate in the California Physical Fitness Test (PFT) The test window runs from February-April. The 6 tests that are included are: Aerobic Capacity (Mile Run), Height & Weight, Abdominal Strength & Endurance (Curl-ups), Trunk Extension (Trunk Lift), Upper Body Strength (Push-ups), & Flexibility (Sit-N-Reach). For more information please refer to this website.