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5th Grade Homepage


Welcome to fifth grade! Fifth grade is a place where students have a chance to grow and open themselves up to learning about many new and interesting topics. The focus of our curriculum is in the mastery of the fifth grade standards, as well as in growing as individuals. There is an emphasis on organization, which includes not only daily class work but nightly homework. Our social studies program focuses on United States history, and students have projects that reinforce each unit of study.
Behavior standards follow the guidelines of the Second Step and Soul Shoppe programs that we have here at Quail Run. Responsibility and accountability are focal points in order to prepare students for the high behavior standards in middle school. Each of our students is viewed as an important individual who has talents to add to the classroom. Differences are embraced and celebrated. The expectation is that with maturity and growth students will continue to assume added responsibilities that contribute to the success of our classroom. High expectations for behavior and learning will be stressed throughout the year. In short, students are valued and expected to add value to the classroom.  
California State Standards

California State Standards

The FAIR Act
The California Education Code has been updated over time to make sure that the role and
contributions of members of underrepresented racial, ethnic and cultural groups to the economic,
political, and social development of California and the United States are included in history and
social studies lessons. The FAIR Education Act amends the Education Code by mandating
California schools to also include the contributions of people with disabilities and members of the
LGBT community in the curriculum.
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