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Third Grade Curricular News


We are winding down our work with personal narratives in November and preparing for expository writing in the coming months.  Continuing to tell family stories out loud will help your young writer develop their narrative skills.  Reading short non-fiction texts (like magazine articles) and instruction guides will help prepare your writer for their work with "All About Books". 
This trimester we are concluding our work with character study and celebrating with a 3rd grade day where we will dress up as one of the characters we studied closely!  November 30th will be "dress up day" for us as we teach each other about our favorite characters and enjoy a fun acting opportunity.  Next up for third grade will be non-fiction text study.  Looking for books at your local library on subjects that your student is passionate about would be a great way to support this work at home!


We are wrapping up our work with subtraction of larger numbers.  Please feel free to use the resources below if this is a tricky area for your student.
The Singapore Model often helps students developmentally understand the relationship between addition and subtraction.  This Youtube video is an overview of this model.
We will then begin our work with multiplication concepts and facts.  Flashcards and Multiplication War are great ways to practice at home.  Also, this site has many fun games to help your student practice!


Third Grade will be learning about Matter this trimester.  After learning about solids, liquids and gases (and their properties), they will begin investigating chemical changes and physical changes.  This is a great time to go to Brain Pop Jr. for some mini-lessons!


Our focus in third grade is on local history.  We have begun by traveling all the way back to Prehistoric San Ramon.  We will continue our travels by studying Native Americans and learning which tribes lived in our area.  Check out the Hayward Area's site for kids!  It has short historical fiction pieces about children from each major time period.