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We are excited to introduce the "Big Book of Homework."  It will be given out every Monday and returned on Friday. Each week, we will focus on 2nd grade common core standards that are being taught in class. A reading, math, writing and social studies/science standard will be part of each week's homework. The "Little-ish Big Book of Homework" allow students to work at their own pace and use their critical thinking strategies, creativity and problem solving skills.
The following Monday after their homework is returned, the students will do a gallery walk. They will walk around and view their classmate’s homework, while at the same time leaving a positive comment. They will also critique their own homework and explain an area they did well on, and an area for improvement.
Ways to support your child
Parents serve only as guides, but students complete the work.  Students who are most successful spend time discussing tasks with their parents prior to working in the Big Book. 
  • Spend time talking with your child about a plan for each create. Does he/she need specific materials to execute their ideas?
  • Help your child find a place at home to do homework away from distractions.
  • If your child is stuck or frustrated, encourage him/her to talk to the classroom teacher for support.
  • Send your child’s teacher an email communicating any homework struggles or obstacles at home.
  • 20-25 minutes should be spent each night on the Big Book.
If your child is spending more than the allotted time, STOP and put it away and notify your child’s teacher about making modifications. (The exception is if your child is contentedly choosing to spend the extra time to add more details and stretch his/her thinking.)
  • It may be easier for students to write explanations on lined paper (which is then taped or glued into the big book), or use a ruler to create lines.
  • Your child should attempt to answer all parts of each question. Students who are quickly completing the work are encouraged to complete the challenges.
We look forward to using the “Little-ish Big Book of Homework” this year in second grade.