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Meet the Teachers
  Gina Jenkins Science Specialist
  Mayumi Macalino Science Specialist
  Eva Yee Science Specialist
Quail Run Science Squad!
Quail Run Science Team
Mrs. Jenkins
Mrs. Jenkins
Mrs. Yee
Mrs. Yee

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Welcome to Science 2020-2021

       We are excited to see you all online soon. As we prepare to get ready to learn we all need a few things to do that. Please be sure your student has a productive place to do work and a way to access online learning. If you need help accessing online learning please be sure to contact the district office. 

       The Science teachers suggest each student has the following tools to aid in their learning: pencils, paper, crayons, colored pencils, markers, ruler, glue sticks, scissors, tape, post-it’s, and headphones to help with hands on lessons while online.  

          It is our hope that you have these things already around the house. Please reach out to us if you need help or have any questions. 

          If you need assistance getting the suggested learning materials, please contact our principal, Ms. Quan, at


Thank you,

The Science Teachers

Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. Yee & Mrs. Macalino


Why it's time for the NGSS
Why it's time for the NGSS
Crosscutting Science Concepts
7 Crosscutting Science Concpets
Foundation of Science
Foundation of Science

Science Schedule


Classes Per Week in the Science Lab

(50 minute sessions)


1st 1 class Mrs. Macalino
2nd 1 class

Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. Yee & Mrs. Macalino


2 classes Mrs. Jenkins 
4th 2 classes Mrs. Yee
5th 2 classes Mrs. Jenkins


Academic Areas of Study

Grade Current Academic  Standards Covered

5 Senses

How are plants alike and how are they different?

2nd  How can we understand and describe the land and water on the earth? NGSS
3rd How are objects affected by the forces of pushes and pulls? NGSS
4th  What happens to energy when objects collide? NGSS
5th   What is Matter made of? NGSS

NOTE:  Quail Run has fully implemented the NGSS into our classrooms and Science Labs.

Engineering Design Process
Engineering Design Process

I can statements


Wall of Wonder
Curiosity is the engine of achievement."

                                    ~ Ken Robinson

As a team we have compiled a set of "I Can" statements that show what students will be accomplishing in the Science Lab throughout the year.