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Sarah Unruh, Catherina Chu, Karen Johnson, Mary Millman, Ashley Sealock, Allie Lemas, Kristin Willis, Kim Calvert, Betsy Schreiber 
TK/Kindergarten Staff
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Our school has access to thousands of electronic books through a website called Mackin.  Just go to...

and login with the following information to share the joy of reading anytime. 

School: Quail Run Elementary

User ID: Student ID number

Password: quails

Welcome to Kindergarten!

What are we working on?

  • Reader's Workshop:  We will be launching Unit 1- We are Readers- with “Learn-About-the-World Books."  We will learn that a reader is someone who explores the world on the lookout for things to read.  The first week we will learn that readers read by themselves and with others.  We will work on “private time” reading and “partner time” reading.  We will also learn that readers reread and rethink.  Later in our unit we will be reading Old Favorite Storybooks.

  • Writer's Workshop:  We will be launching Unit 1 soon!  We will learn that we are all writers.  Writers put ideas on paper with pictures and words.  Writers know that “When we are done, we have just begun” and to add more details to their writing piece or to start a new one.  We are going to be giving them the tools they need to carry on independently as writers, teach them how to stretch out words to hear the sounds, and writing even "hard-to-write" ideas. 

  • Word Study and Phonics

  • Math:  We will start Module 1 of our new Math program soon.  We are looking at attributes of two related objects, classifying to make categories and count, and will start working with numbers to 5 in different configurations, math drawings, and expressions.  We are also have number talks and work with math manipulatives.

  • Social Studies 

  • Handwriting:  We focus on uppercase and lowercase letter formation.  We practice hand position, pencil grip, and correct directionality while forming letters.  

  • Art:  Our Art Docent program is amazing!  We are so lucky to have this program at our school.  Parent volunteers attend art lessons and teach the lesson to our students each month.  

Kindergarten Traffic Video

Kindergarten traffic video

Help your child get off to a great start each day!

There are many things you can do at home to ensure your child gets off to a great start on the first day and everyday!


  • Observe appropriate bedtimes.  Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast each morning. 
  • Pack your child's Kindergarten bag before bedtime so it's ready to go in the morning. 
  • Set aside a block of time each day to devote to homework and reading. 
  • Share your own positive experiences about school with your child. 
  • Ask your child specific questions about their day.


Our philosophy as kindergarten teachers at Quail Run Elementary School is to teach your children the skills they need to be successful in kindergarten, and prepare them with a strong academic foundation. Our curriculum emphasizes academic, social, physical, and emotional development taught within a nurturing, engaging environment. Since each student arrives on the first day of kindergarten at a different stage of readiness, we teach these skills at a level appropriate to the development of each child. We want to help your child maintain a positive self-image and develop responsibility and independence that will support them throughout their academic career!

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Below are links for access to Dreambox Learning Math for Students to use at home. It can be accessed via a computer with the Student Portal or iPad with the Clever app. 

Student Portal

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The FAIR Act

The California Education Code has been updated over time to make sure that the role and
contributions of members of underrepresented racial, ethnic and cultural groups to the economic,
political, and social development of California and the United States are included in history and
social studies lessons. The FAIR Education Act amends the Education Code by mandating
California schools to also include the contributions of people with disabilities and members of the
LGBT community in the curriculum.

For more information click below

About FAIR.pdf (PDF)

LGBT & Disability Framework Handout.pdf (PDF)