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First Grade Homepage

First Grade Schedule *Important Dates for 2019-2020

1st Grade Schedule:


  • 4/15:  Please look at the first grade Remote Learning Website for more information

  • 5/25: Memorial Day

  • 5/29: Last Day of School

First Grade Teachers!

Remote Learning

All of the Remote Learning materials as well additional resources for each subject area can be viewed on our website found to the RIGHT. → Remote Learning Website.


First Graders will be provided with work weekly- you will receive an email on Mondays from your child’s teacher. 


Please email your child’s teacher if you have any questions.


We appreciate your patience, understanding, and your continued support during this time.



The First Grade Teachers

Important Reminders...


  • First Grade desires to be NUT FREE!  Please do not send any nut products to school for snack or lunch.
  • Please send your child with a healthy snack each day!  The days are longer and students need a snack to stay focused on learning!
  • Snacks, lunches, water bottles, backpacks and all belongings should be marked with your child's name.
  • All snacks and drinks should be in a ziploc or plastic container, absolutely no glass!
  • Please be sure your child wears appropriate clothing and shoes for recess and especially PE.

What we are Learning this Semester

Math - We are exploring two-digit numbers by using tens and ones!  We’re learning all about how to represent numbers by using groups of tens and ones. We will also be exploring 2D and 3D shapes for Geometry.

Reading - We love learning lessons with our first grade characters!  From Amelia Bedelia to Pete the Cat, there are so many problems and solutions our favorite characters learn about.  You can help your student practice talking about character’s lessons by having them identify the problem in their story and pointing out how the character solves their problem.

Writing - We are creating our own realistic fiction stories!  Students are crafting their own stories by thinking of a character, a setting, and a problem to solve.

Science - We are using our eyes and ears to learn all about light and sound, both in our own classrooms and with Mrs. Macalino in the Science Lab.

Social Studies:  Students will learn about the national symbols that are unique to our country.  Students will learn about national symbols and why they are unique to our country and that a symbol is something that stands for, or represents, something else.


Welcome to First Grade! We are very excited to make this a positive, fun and educational year for your child. A typical day in first grade consists of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. It may also include Art, Music, Library, Technology and Physical Education. Our curriculum has an emphasis on building reading and writing skills and strategies with the New York Reading and Writing Project. Wherever possible we attempt to use a thematic approach to integrate the skills in these areas.  Curriculum content is guided by the Common Core State Standards and our district benchmarks for each subject area.  

Welcome to First Grade!!!
Art with Mrs. Rajee

Log in link-

Thursdays, 9:00-10:00

Materials needed each week

May 14, 2020- Robot Maker

Materials: white construction sheet, black sharpie, markers, one paint brush, pencil, small cup of water

May 21, 2020- Thinking Cap Sculpture

A paper plate, a paper cup, 2 colored construction sheet, 2 white construction sheet, a piece of yarn, markers and glue stick


Parent Resources
1/24/18 10:38 AM
10/30/18 11:51 AM
1/24/18 11:02 AM
1/22/18 4:07 PM
Dreambox Logo

Below are links for access to Dreambox Learning Math for Students to use at home. It can be accessed via a computer with the Student Portal or iPad with the Clever app. 

Student Portal

Dreambox Parent Info

Many Thanks to:


  • All families who purchased or donated money towards school supplies and additional learning experiences, thank you!!
  • All students who remember to bring green folders and check for important papers every day!
  • All families for helping your child get to school on time (7:55am) so we don’t waste any learning time!
  • Special thanks for your donations to the Quail Run Learning Fund and other programs at our school!






California State Standard


The FAIR Act

The California Education Code has been updated over time to make sure that the role and
contributions of members of underrepresented racial, ethnic and cultural groups to the economic,
political, and social development of California and the United States are included in history and
social studies lessons. The FAIR Education Act amends the Education Code by mandating
California schools to also include the contributions of people with disabilities and members of the
LGBT community in the curriculum.

For more information click below

About FAIR.pdf (PDF)

LGBT & Disability Framework Handout.pdf (PDF)

Sample Lessons